Twenty Sixteen Is Upon Us – What Will Fortune Bring Your Way

A new year brings new opportunities and challenges to the Casino Player. New opportunities from the raft of games already released, or set for release in, 2016. New challenges in that players must learn to maximise the return on their investment in those games (As well as a load of fun into the bargain)

For example, IGT has announced that they will be releasing 5 slot machines in the coming weeks. Granted, not all of theme are new and some will have already been released in the “Real World” (i.e. the Land Based Casino).

Most hotly tipped for taking the slot world by storm is the Family Guy Slot. Peter, Lois, Chris, Stewie and even the utterly unlovable Megan accompany you while you journey towards claiming what’s rightfully yours – the Jackpot (Providing that you really, really, really want to win it more than anyone else). Each character will imbue the bonus feature with their own inate ability, such as random wilds, to give your spins the little extra kick that they may need to win big.

Family Guy also includes a range of cutaway features, which are triggered at the beginning of each bonus game and help keep the chuckles going during these transitions.

Sherlock Holmes™ Slots follow the wily duo of Holmes and Watson as they proceed to prove that which to be “Elementary”, or not, as the case may be. It features four bonus games so mysterious, that even we don’t know what they’ll be yet.

Party Time Video Slots are undoubtedly one of IGTs best loved themes of all time, and soon the company will release a re-imagined version of the same. If you start seeing Drunken Pink elephants float across your field of view, don’t worry – that’s all part of the game and your drink has, in all likelihood, not been tampered with in any way.

And what opportunities does 2016 bring to Lotto Lovers, Roulette Afficionados and those with a fondness of games involving the prediction of numbers? Well, Players who continue to espouse the long practiced art of ascribing special significance to numbers, such as ages, days & months of the year might now turn their attention to the number 2016 itself.

Because Roulette Wheels and Lotto Balls tend not to number in the thousands, one almost logical step would be to split this number right down the middle, yeilding 20 and 15. But what (if anything) is special about these resultant numbers.

This might perhaps lead the player to wonder, what is special about these numbers individually. Well, since the Standard Genetic code codes for exactly 20 proteinogenic amino acids (without which life would not exist) that’s got to be a pretty important and signifant number, even if your not a Cell Biologist. But what of 15? Some player might like the fact that 15 is the number of visible symbols in the most popular slot layout of 3 x 5.

Of course just because a number is significant to a player, doesn’t mean it will necessarily come in straight away. But persistence pays, and providing you can afford the level of investment required your numbers are much more likely to land and you reach your goal of winnings on these other gametypes.

Have a Paddy Power Poker account? Say Hi to Free Money

Folks who have already signed up with  Power Poker will have just received a very welcome e-mail into their inboxes. That’s right, Paddy Power have given all their players some free money to play at the tables.

1. Log in into your poker account and play to trigger your bonus
2. You get $5 for every 330 Power Points you earn (up to a max of $100)
3. The bonus needs to be claimed and wagered by 30th November at 23:59:59 (and not one millisecond later), so you have 4 weeks left to make your move.

Remember, the more you play, the more free cash you’ll get to enjoy. You can also exchange points for cash, bonuses and products in their VIP Shop.

It is not clear at this stage if those players who have not yet signed up can avail themselves of this bonus if they sign up now, but it just goes to show that Paddy Power is full of generous surprises for both new and existing players.

See you at the tables,
The C:U Team

Get into the Christmas Spirit with Paddy Power

It’s that time of year again, and if the thronging streets of shoppers are anything to go by, the season has – for many – snuck up them. Those who have been keeping a close eye on the casinos will not have failed to notice that the time is most definitely upon on us.

A number of the promotions from Paddy Power (which fall under the “Festive Frenzy” Umbrella) have over the last three weeks collectively awarded players a large proportion of the 251k on offer through iPhone 6’s & good old fashioned Cash Prizes.

Festive Slots always see an increase in popularity as the big day approaches, two slots that C:U have covered before, “Santa Surprise” & “Ghosts of Christmas” feature prominently on the homepage. Games like “Ice Run”, which have a cold/wintery feel also get a boost, even though not specifically themed around St. Nick. or Scrooge.

The simultaneous popularity of games like “Beach Life”, “Hot Gems”, “Sunset Beach” can attest to the fact that not all players are fully embracing the chilly weather that is, let’s face it, part and parcel of the holiday season. One arguably can’t have one without the other, unless of course you’re living in some of the worlds more temperate places.

Ladbrokes takes a slightly different approach to its gift giving. By playing games at the casino, players are awarded points. And as Bruce Forsyth always said – Points mean prizes, Players can redeem them through a virtual storefront. On offer at the moment are Free Spins, Ipods, Free Cash Bonuses. Players visiting the store from tomorrow onwards can buy Beats Solo & iPad Air 2.

So Players get Playing, and reap the festive rewards days before an obese old codger with a white beard comes to visit you.

Claim your Ladbrokes £20 Free Bet Now

Ladbrokes latest TV Advert brings home the shared experience of gambling – that it is not just an activity to be done on your own but that the involvement of friends means it is a pastime that can be enjoyed together. They’ve punctuated this message with their newest offer of a £20 free bet that can be enjoyed after depositing £10.

The group featured each have their own individual personalities represented by a choice of game or style of play. For example one man is the Gooner who always bets red, another likes to play card games, finally the “Gut Truster” is the chap in the group whose preferred game is the slot machines.

Ladbrokes have a strong TV Presence and we think this advert does a good job of cementing the associations people will make with the traditionally high street betting shop to their increasing online presence. To take advantage of this offer couldn’t be simpler and really is as simple as 1..2..3. As Labrokes put it, you need only “Register” & “Bet” in order to “Get” this bonus credited to your account.

Moreover there is no limitations on which this bonus can be spent on, be that Casino, Games or Sportsbook. We look forward to forthcoming Ladbrokes Promotions and you can be sure that Casinos Unleashed will continue to keep you informed in the days to come.

Exclusive No Deposit Casino Bonus

Paddy Power’s core offering has been upgraded with a new and improved no deposit casino bonus. New players will get both a £5 no-deposit bonus just for signing up, in addition to that Paddy Power will match their first deposit 100% up to a value of £300.

Register with Paddy Power and start playing on one of the most comprehensive casino platforms available today, with an extremely generous golden handshake.

Ladbrokes Launches New Free Poker App

Mobile cash tables, Speed Poker and PayPal on iPoker a first for UK!

Ladbrokes announced today the launch a new free Ladbrokes Poker app on iOS and Android platforms.

Customers can now play cash tables and Speed Poker from their mobile devices, and are able to register quickly thanks to the addition of a PayPal feature, a first for the UK

In Jan 2014, Labrokes completed a successful migraton to theiPoker network, and the new Ladbrokes Poker app is another exciting feature for poker players.

“An improved gaming experience is certainly on the cards for our poker customers, and we’re confident the app will open many doors for our highly valued Ladbrokes Poker players,” said Yoel Zuckerberg, Head of Ladbrokes Poker.

Among the new features is Ladbrokes Poker’s latest welcome bonus of 200% up to £1,200 for customers who download the app, while Sit ‘n Go’s and tournaments are expected to be rolled out at a later date.

Claim your £100 free bet from ladbrokes for the weekend

Get a Free Bet up to £100 for the action this weekend!

Enter promo code X100 and place a bet before 23:59:59 on Thursday 14th August and we’ll match it with a FREE BET up to £100 when your bet is settled.

Fulham (7/4) begin life in the Championship with a tricky away tie against Ipswich (6/4) but with a forward line that boasts the likes of Mitroglou, Rodallega and McCormack, they shouldn’t find goals hard to come by. Get evens for over 2.5 goals.

On Sunday, Norwich (2/1) travel to Wolves (5/4) and they will fancy their chances having kept most of the team that played in the Premier League last season. We’re 6/1 for Gary Hooper to open the scoring!

Back a winner with Ladbrokes today!

Paddy Power Presents Premier Promotions

What have the Irish got in store for us…?

Chillaxing Cashback – Get Rewarded for Losing (Double Take)

You’ve got just over 4 days to opt into this promotion, play any of the eligible games between now and the 4th August, and earn up to 25% in cash back on any of the money you lose. The list of games this applies to is vast, and chances are your favourites are already present among them. It’s certainly strange for a casino to reward you for losing, but it just goes to show that those crazy Irish are on the forefront with their wild meanderings and “far out of the box” thinking. Whatever will they come up with next…?

Take Home Thursday

It’s official folks, Thursday is the new Friday. Could that then mean that Tuesday is the new Wednesday? So what day actually is it? Another “Wacky” promotion from the Leprechaun Lovers next door. Any eligible games you play on Thursday (The real Thursday that is) and lose at, you’ll automatically recoup 10% on your “losings”.  Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You have exactly 3 hours left to opt in to this bonus – Better get cracking.

Ladbrokes £33,000 Daily Giveaway

It’s that time again folks for us to delve into the various offers and promotions available to players as we head into August 2014:

Ladbrokes is giving away a total of £1,000,000 right up until the middle of August. This is being done at a rate of £33,000 per day in bonuses, store bonuses, deposit bonuses, Free Spins, refunds, CashBack and other comps. Already nearly £500,000 has been given away to lucky players, so what are you waiting for? To get in on the action, sign up to Ladbrokes using the magic button on the right.

As if you needed any more reason to sign-up with Ladbrokes, they have a full spectrum of casino facilities including online games and slots, along with full SportsBetting and In-Play features. Also, they recently launched the Premium Ladbrokes Vegas Casino which combines the solid foundation of the Playtech Platform with a number of new and exclusive games, backed up by additional incentives only available to LadbrokesVegas players.

Fifty Quid Giveaway

If some guy walked up to you and handed you Fifty Quid, you’d probably be a bit suspicious. You’d wonder what that money was for, and if he expected anything in return. But replace “some guy” with “ladbrokes” and that’s just what’s happening this month with their LOVELIVE promotion.

It’s easy when you know how:

1. Register as new Ladbrokes Live Casino player (Or login to an existing account if you have one)

2. Deposit Fifty of your own quids whilst using the incantation “LOVELIVE” during the depositing  stage.

3. Turnover your deposit 15 times and Fifty shiny new quids will be deposited by the loveable ladbrokes fairies (If they exist, and all signs point to this being the case).